Restoration update

Tonight after work, Andy and Don, our painters at work, followed me to the shop so they could get their first look at Fire 32. I have been talking with them about painting the truck since I started at the company back in January. Since I have not talked about myself or what I do for a living, I should at least give you a glimps of what I do each day. I am the contract administrator for H&W Emergency Vehicles in Aloha, Oregon. We are a fire apparatus manufacturer and epair facility as well as the dealer for Crimson Fire, AEV and Road Rescue.  As you can imagine, I am around fire apparatus every day, so for someone passionate about restoring an old fire engine, I am in the perfect setting.

Andy and Don looked over the project to get an idea of what needs to be done. Their basic response was…you want to do what? I knew I had a big project on my hands, but I have to say I went away a bit discouraged, not sure if I will ever get Fire 32 on the road. I had been real excited about my progress over the past year, especially after getting it sand blasted, but reality hit home tonight. I think it may have been a bit amplified by the fact that I was totally worn out today, and I have discovered that I am much more susseptible to discouragement when I am tired, so hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

What it did do was to re-emphasize the fact that I need to get others involved, as I can’t do it by myself. I have thought many times about having work parties to get a bunch of work done in a hurry, but I have procrastinated and done nothing. I have a couple of friends that have helped out, but it is time to tap into all those people who have offered to help. It is time to start that e-mail chain to alert people as to when I am going to work.

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